Now, Jesus never promised us believers an easy path and ever more success, but still persecution is harder on us than in any other faith. And what was the answer from Christians on Sri Lanka? Not war, but love and increased ministry and dissemination of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If anyone tells you differently, here are the numbers on persecution. Even from a liberal news outlet.

You may want to read up from these liberal news outlets.

  • Newsweek: Christian persecution and genocide is worse now than “any time in history,” report says (Link)
  • The Guardian: As the Sri Lanka attacks show, Christians worldwide face serious persecution (Link)
  • Catholic Herald: The persecution trap: vulnerable Christians are running out of allies (Link)
  • Kansas City Metro: 300 Nigerian Christians killed, world silent (Link)
  • Daily Mail: Persecution of Christians is modern-day ‘genocide’ says report as Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt blames failure to confront the oppression of world’s most targeted faith group on ‘political correctness’ (Link)

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FACSIMILE. Screen shot from taken Sat May 18th, 2019, claiming the right to citation.

Originally shared with the Kingdom Creators on Facebook, April 27th, 2019.