The other day I was discussing and praying for a specific goal with Crystal Hicks and Michael Thomas. Later on Michael guided me through a session of legislation in the spiritual realms. But one thing in particular that I remember was Crystal prophesying; ‘YOU make the choice, Victor, says the Lord.’

She was, of course, right, as events unfolding would confirm. I had a choice and God allowed me to make it. Since then I’ve focused on the goal.

This is, in summary, my observation — or my take away from the events, if you will:


Your concentration can help you focus on a desired goal.

In real life you may find that your circumstances will change, though. You may experience changes to finance, of your staff, the surrounding environment, or even to your timing — but one thing should never change: Keep your eyes on where you want to go! Focus on the goal!

Or, as we football aficionados would have it with our sometimes too abundant use of metaphors:

Eyes on the ball! Not on the man.

That is; eyes on the goal, not on the circumstances.

Cos there’s only one ball but always too many men trying to best you in your own game. Just too many circumstances you cannot control if you were to try.

Concentrate! Eyes on the ball!

The Holy Spirit will then hand you the victory. (James 1:6)

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EYES ON THE BALL. Liverpool meeting Chelsea in the UEFA Supercup last August. Liverpool’s won. Courtesy press photo kit.

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