React? Or — Act!

Sett inn beskrivende tekst. Foto: VG NTB Scanpix.

ENGLISH/PROPHECIES When we look back on our lives, we will discover that we are more a product of our responses to the situations, criticisms, failures, and successes of our past — than to any other single factor. We respond to expectations from church, from relatives, family, and friends, even from those at school or in … Les mer React? Or — Act!

A draught in May

Kingdom Creators er et internasjonalt bønnenettverk som jeg er en del av. Onsdag møttes fire av oss via videtjenesten Zoom. Foto: Privat.

ENGLISH/THE ROAD AHEAD A full drizzle for weeks now. Doctors scared of new cancer. Personal challenges. In a few words, that’s the sum of my worries. Then, I found the solution! The last few weeks have proven difficult to handle. Some personal challenges may be shared, in part, later, while I will still keep what’s … Les mer A draught in May