Palm Sunday

EASTER/ENGLISH To the Jew, the palm tree is a symbol of triumph, of victory over death. Why? Because palms grow in the desert and overcome the arid climate.

The palm is a symbol of life in barren places. In a only one week we will celebrate Jesus triumphing over the powers of darkness on the cross (Col 2:15 NVI) and over the power of death when Jesus rose from the dead.

But today, let us celebrate that Jesus can bring life to the desert, to any barren place.

If you have one of those palm crosses then place it in a prominent position as a constant reminder of this truth in your life.

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No matter what you are facing, what circumstances you are walking through—Jesus is more than able to bring life and green leaves into your desert.

Hold your palms up towards Him today and call on His bread of life, the true manna from heaven that can meet your daily needs.


OK, not quite finished, though.


Now add to that that the palm is also a symbol of peace. In several languages the palm describes the inside of your hand. When held up in a salute with fingers stetched out it resembled a specific and sturdy stock of the palm. That salute also meant ’empty hands, no weapons, I come in peace’.

? ?

Add also to that that Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. When a king mounted a donkey it was for all to see that he came in peace. When entering on a horse, however…

OK. That’s it. Today’s message ended.

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