Gloria’s sermon

🇳🇴🇸🇪🇩🇰 Å være en troende kvinne gjør meg ikke alltid god og kysk, politisk korrekt, føyelig, kjærlig, øm, diplomatisk… bak det finnes en kvinne av kjøtt og blod, og kanskje mer kjøtt enn bein. 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Being a woman of faith does not always make me good and chaste, politically correct, docile, loving, tender, diplomatic… behind … Les mer


LIVSMESTRING Gud stemte på deg, djevelen imot deg. Nå har DU den avgjørende stemmen for hvordan du vil se deg selv. ENGLISH God cast His vote for you, the devil cast his vote against you. Now, YOU hold the deciding vote on how to see yourself. ESPAÑOL Dios votó por ti; el diablo en tu … Les mer

El proceso de paz

🇪🇸🇨🇴 “Una sociedad tan espiritualmente convulsa como la nuestra necesita la única solución, la cual es la espiritualidad, la fe en medio del conflicto.” – Gloria Laverde, sobre el proceso de paz 🇬🇧🇺🇸 “A society as spiritually troubled as ours needs the only possible solution, which is spirituality and faith injected into the midst of … Les mer

I only kneel for one man

ENGLISH It seems that most of the world is demanding that other people kneel, and they’re trying to intimidate those of us who won’t. Well, I only kneel for one man, and He died on the cross. Show where you stand. Every day. I only kneel for one man, and He died on the cross. EDIT March … Les mer


ENGLISH Love God, love people, love yourself. But, don’t love yourself because (you think) you’re awesome — love yourself because God loves you! DON’T YOU EVER MISS OUT: CLICK HERE to LIKE and FOLLOW PREACHER.NO on FACEBOOK for the OCCASIONAL STORY on ENGLISH    >> READ IN ENGLISH | LES PÅ NORSK ENGLISH © 2020 … Les mer

What are my thoughts?

ENGLISH What are my thoughts, Facebook ask. Well… THAT MOMENT I realized that The Holy Spirit did not actually write the catechism, and, if the doctrines were really that important they would’ve been included in the Bible proper… «All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that … Les mer

Will it end with King Cyrus? No!

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ENGLISH/PROPHECY Will it end with King Cyrus? No! At least if we follow the logic of Ezra Chapters 1-4. For my English readers. First published on the International Network of Ascending Kingdom Creators. Some of my Republican friends now seem to be coming around to the fact that king Cyrus was never a millennial king—nor … Les mer

Light pollution

ENGLISH This photo, published by Weather Norway today, shows my part of the country in a very unusual season. Fall, no clouds. And, the light ‘pollution’ is obvious. We can hardly see the Nightly Heavens anymore. (Heaven and Sky is the same word in Norwegian.) BEFORE CONTINUING — DON’T FORGET LIKING OUR PAGE ON FACEBOOK … Les mer


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ENGLISH God gave us a toolbox called Scripture, where we find forgiveness, a new start, love and hope for tomorrow. Isn’t it time to start dusting off your toolbox? Go find what belongs to you! BEFORE CONTINUING — DON’T FORGET LIKING OUR PAGE ON FACEBOOK (CLICK HERE) Caption:USER MANUAL. God gave us a manual that … Les mer

That’s why

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ENGLISH Knowing what’s written in God’s Word removes all the question marks from our life. How come? That’s really an easy one. It’s because when you get to know God’s Word, you’ll also know God’s will! That’s why you should try reading the Bible. Start reading – here and now – if you like. Additional … Les mer

Not a sin

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ENGLISH —It’s not a sin before you’re caught, one Colombian pastor and former colleague commented with dry irony. He had just had it with the amount of excuses and lack of ethical behaviour from people who were more than willing to follow the letter of the law but knew nothing of the Spirit having written … Les mer

Divine healing, no filters

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MIRACLES / ENGLISH Dr. Kevin McNulty of Florida, USA, has visited Norway a number of times in the past. I had the privilege of interpreting for him and his wife frequently at conferences back in the 00’s. Listen to his latest teaching on divine healing. McNulty‘s form may be more than a bit refreshing for … Les mer


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ENGLISH How do we prepare ourselves for the destiny of God in our lives today? Do we dig in and wait the corona virus out, or do we use the opportunity for good? Remember, the world is still not coming to an end. THIS IS A MESSAGE TO CHRISTIANS IN COUNTRIES AND TERRITORIES ON LOCKDOWN … Les mer

Women and ministry

ENGLISH If one of your aims — as a woman — is to become personally equipped to lead church in thoughtful and informed dialogue, not in confrontation, how would you respond to this frequent feedback women often receive? WOMEN ONLY: ‘Why are women not happy in the role they already have? Mary was not trying … Les mer


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What is prayer?

ENGLISH Christian prayer — not church prayer — Christian prayer is unique in this world. Nothing comes even close to resemble its purpose. Christian prayer is designed by God to be answered. By Him! Jesus Christ tells us that the desire of our Father is to do good to His children! Are you a child … Les mer