Where to preach. Preke hvor? ¿A dónde predicar?

ENGLISH Speaking in church is nice, many preachers do it. But, if you want to catch fish it’s better to cast your nets outside the boat.

I’ll hand it to you in Norwegian and Spanish, too:

🇳🇴 Å tale i en kirke er fint—mange predikanter gjør dét. Men… om du vil ha fisk, må du kaste garnet ut av båten.

LES OGSÅ >> Menneskefisker

🇨🇴 Predicando en la iglesia — ¡Que bien! Pero, si quieres pescado tienes que tirar las redes afuera del barco.

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The Sunday School that wasn’t meant to be

CHURCH LIFE/ENGLISH Once back in the nineties I was heading up a Sunday School for kids in my local church. It wasn’t going to last but despite the obstacles I instead ended up in mission around the globe.

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Sannhet. Truth. Verdad.

TANKER Hva er poenget med å gå skoene av seg for å få folk til å komme tilbake til kirken neste søndag — hvis presten din ikke er villig til å forkynne sannheten?

Du kan få den på engelsk og spansk også:

🇬🇧 What’s the point of making sure people come back to church next Sunday — if your pastor isn’t willing to speak the truth?

🇨🇴 ¿Para que invitarle a la gente a volver a la iglesia el próximo Domingo — si tu pastor no predica la verdad?

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Profitterende profeter (profiteering prophets)

TI OM TIENDE Noen ganger er det ingen vei utenom. Vi må ta det på grunnteksten. Her får du en på engelsk.

Beware of the «prophets» who are only in it for the profits!

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Love trumps all

A royal wedding with a smashing sermon is not your everyday fare. That smashing sermon was still what the entire world got served last Saturday.

MANDAKT | preacher.no | Victor Skimmeland | 2nd Day of Pentecost, May 21st, 2018

I am not a friend of royal flair. Not particularly. Even a chat with Harry’s mom while she was still carrying in 1984 did not remove my republican leanings.


Who is John Spencer?

John Spencer is not Diana Spencer’s less known brother. Even though my mother-in-law is quite proud of the fact that her son-in-law actually spoke to Lady Di, I myself am more proud of the fact that I know John. Sort of.

ENGLISH | preacher.no | Victor Skimmeland | April 24th, 2018
NORWEGIAN VERSION HERE (for the benefit of all but JOHN)

Last week-end I had the privilege of working with John Spencer. His next book is right around the corner and you should look forward to it. Concluding this post you may preview not one, but three, of his last «parables».

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And then John was gone

Tuesday morning I visited my friend, John — John Arne Løberg Jørgensen. You were again in hospital. This time it was serious.

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