The Children’s Church in Bogotá: At last, building permit secured

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COLOMBIA Through more than ten months the so-called Children’s Church in San Francisco in Bogotá, Colombia, has struggled to obtain a construction license without paying bribes. Yesterday Pastor Alexis Jiménez returned with news of victory. Yesterday, on Thursday, October 3rd 2019, the Children’s Church in Bogotá – La Iglesia Cristiana Infantil Dios la Esperanza – … Les merThe Children’s Church in Bogotá: At last, building permit secured


The other day I was discussing and praying for a specific goal with Crystal Hicks and Michael Thomas. Later on Michael guided me through a session of legislation in the spiritual realms. But one thing in particular that I remember was Crystal prophesying; ‘YOU make the choice, Victor, says the Lord.’ She was, of course, … Les merConcentrate

Not by appearance but by The Holy Spirit

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You are not what you appear to be as you go about your day. You are so much more. If you chose to say YES to The Holy Spirit — He will not force himself upon you, nor will He enter without your permission (Rev 3:20) — you will be empowered by the living God. … Les merNot by appearance but by The Holy Spirit

More substance, please

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ENGLISH/PRAISE Listen to Tori Kelly and Jon Batiste rendering this soft version of “Amazing Grace”. Granted, the two are not exactly Hillsong material but don’t you ever happen to harbour just a tiny little wish that worldly musicians could teach us a bit more on how to perform the old, battle proven hymns? Those that … Les merMore substance, please

React? Or — Act!

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ENGLISH/PROPHECIES When we look back on our lives, we will discover that we are more a product of our responses to the situations, criticisms, failures, and successes of our past — than to any other single factor. We respond to expectations from church, from relatives, family, and friends, even from those at school or in … Les merReact? Or — Act!

Obey the Spirit

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ENGLISH/PROPHECIES One of the major tasks being carried out on a regular basis in the several prayer groups set up by Michael Thomas under this International Network of Kingdom Creators, is the tuning in to the voice of The Holy Spirit. We ask the Spirit to guide us, to speak truth into our lives, and … Les merObey the Spirit

Is it God? And, is it meant for me?

ENGLISH In charismatic circles we sometimes receive messages from God, a term that is a common denominator for different kinds of communications from The Holy Spirit. It is, however, important to gauge the quality of such messages. Is the message really from God, or is it just a person expressing his wishful thinking? And, furthermore, … Les merIs it God? And, is it meant for me?

Laziness is not a Christian deed

‘Laziness is not a disability.’ Sign on a parking spot down town in a Norwegian holiday village (Skudeneshavn, Rogaland County). May I add, it’s not a Christian deed, either! No matter how much Christ abolished works on the cross. Photo credit: Courtesy of Jonny Fossheim (Jo-Fo2). >> DO LIKE AND FOLLOW PREACHER.NO on Facebook for … Les merLaziness is not a Christian deed

Why People Stop Going to Church

ENGLISH / CHURCH LIFE Do you sit in church and wonder ‘WHY AM I HERE’? This happened to me quite a bit. My earliest memories were sitting through Brethren church services, where my grandparents served as missionaries. Us grand kids referred to the morning meeting, as the boring meeting. Then I sat through hundreds of … Les merWhy People Stop Going to Church

Set limits

ENGLISH/DEVOTIONAL Sometimes it’s important to cut off other people’s access to yourself. It’s about establishing barriers. It’s about self-care. And, it’s all about saying ‘NO!’ to others’ limitless expectations. From time to time, Jesus entered into the solitary. He was fasting in the desert. He met God at the mountain top. Even in the Gethsemane, … Les merSet limits

Constitution Day

ENGLISH May the 17th is the Norwegian Constitution Day. Where many countries choose to celebrate independence, Norway chose to celebrate its Constitution. To some extent, we may arguably claim that our Constitution is the exact oppsosite of our independence. The Constitution was written as a dependency. As a dependency to God. As a dependency to … Les merConstitution Day

A draught in May

Kingdom Creators er et internasjonalt bønnenettverk som jeg er en del av. Onsdag møttes fire av oss via videtjenesten Zoom. Foto: Privat.

ENGLISH/THE ROAD AHEAD A full drizzle for weeks now. Doctors scared of new cancer. Personal challenges. In a few words, that’s the sum of my worries. Then, I found the solution! The last few weeks have proven difficult to handle. Some personal challenges may be shared, in part, later, while I will still keep what’s … Les merA draught in May

Working together, winning it for the team

As Paul uses sports metaphors, I think I may, too. Man Utd is not my football side of choice — Liverpool always has been — but listen to the Norwegian manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, who these days is not living up to the spectators’ expectations on his first run: “You see the teams who get … Les merWorking together, winning it for the team

A solution to extremism?

I beg to differ. The best answer to Islamist terror is not more Islam, but Jesus Christ. The only answer to Christian, Hindu, Atheist, Jewish, or Muslim extremists, or to any other extremists, is Jesus Christ. Not more religion. Just Jesus. ‘Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under … Les merA solution to extremism?

Michael Thomas interviewing Victor Skimmeland

MEDIA Victor Skimmeland, a Christian Businessman talks about being healed from stage IV cancer & more! See my interview with our Norwegian prayer contact – Victor Skimmeland. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Victor! Victor Skimmeland is a Norwegian businessman and father who started serving Christ full time in Europe and South … Les merMichael Thomas interviewing Victor Skimmeland