Convocation: Scandinavia calling for intercession and prayer

PRAYER/PARTNER Do you live in, or know, anyone living in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)?

Believers who PRAY when under attack will remain believers who STAY when facing the enemy. That being in spiritual advances, through disease and healing, against powers and principalities, or, upon bringing people to Jesus.

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National Prayer Conference in Sandefjord coming up for March

PARTNERS/PRAYER The last weekend of March The Free Church of Tønsberg will convene a National Prayer Conference at the Oslofjord Convention Centre in Sandefjord. The Pray for The Church of Norway network is also inviting people to apply and attend in order to learn how to establish Houses of Prayer in their own homes.

I have known the leaders of said network, the Pray for The Church of Norway groups, for years. The groups are praying for the leaders of the Church of Norway, as well as for the Church General Assembly and all the Bishop’s Conferences. I, myself, took part in the network until cancer hit me a few years ago, and I have written about the network’s activites several times as a field reporter for the Norwegian Christian daily «Dagen».

Those inviting to the Conerence are all reknown Christian leaders with great testimony.

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Walk the walk, talk the talk

ENGLISH/PARTNER Where the Pharisees among us easily will find the fault (no church, no stola, no peace)—I can only see the glory of God.

The Gospel is preached, the converts are baptized and the disciples taught—wherever they are. There is no place too sinful for us to walk the walk, nowhere too violent for us to talk the talk: The message of Jesus Christ, the one and only Saviour of Man.


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Under pressure

CHRISTMAS/PARTNER A friend and mentor for the last twenty five plus years, Pastor Les Ball of All Nations (Baptist) Church in London (ret.) just shared the following:

‘Last Christmas Eve, Roland Parsons stood outside Victoria station and read aloud from the gospel of Luke the story of the birth of Christ. He had done this every Christmas Eve for over 20 years without interference. But last year a police man told Roland he was not allowed to and must show his passport to continue reading.

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Becoming friends? Or wanting to?

ENGLISH/PARTNER ADVISORY It’s always a good idea to send a small personal message to the person you’re connecting with. That way you can explain that since you’re both brothers sharing an interest, a gift or a ministry, you should indeed connect.

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