National Prayer Conference in Sandefjord coming up for March

PARTNERS/PRAYER The last weekend of March The Free Church of Tønsberg will convene a National Prayer Conference at the Oslofjord Convention Centre in Sandefjord. The Pray for The Church of Norway network is also inviting people to apply and attend in order to learn how to establish Houses of Prayer in their own homes.

I have known the leaders of said network, the Pray for The Church of Norway groups, for years. The groups are praying for the leaders of the Church of Norway, as well as for the Church General Assembly and all the Bishop’s Conferences. I, myself, took part in the network until cancer hit me a few years ago, and I have written about the network’s activites several times as a field reporter for the Norwegian Christian daily «Dagen».

Those inviting to the Conference are all reknown Christian leaders with great testimony.

PRAYER NETWORK. Patrick Opembe, Jo Hedberg, Ottar Elgvin, Randi Anne Skårdal, Ole Jacob Grøgaard and Bernt Christensen attended the network ‘Pray for The Church of Norway’ and prayed for the Church General Assembly a few years ago. Photo credit: Private.


Randi Anne Skårdal is one of the leaders of the network. She highly recommends any person who wants to take their prayer ministry to the next level to attend the national prayer conference in Sandefjord coming end of March.

—Coming end of March the British prayer giant Roy Godwin from the Ffald-y-Brenin Retreat Centre in Wales will join us in Sandefjord, Randi Anne explains.

—Godwin became a familiar acquaintance to Norwegian Christianity with the publication of his book «The Grace Outpouring: Becoming a People of Blessing». He will soon headline this conference at the Oslofjord Convention Center in Sandefjord. The inviting hosts include the Tønsberg Free Church, as well as Youth With a Mission Norway, and several others. This is an event people of prayer should attend, Skårdal says encouragingly.

PRAYER LEADER. Roy Godwin heads the Ffald y Brenin Retreat Centre and Prayer House in Wales. Coming March he will be back in Norway to teach us more about prayer. Ffald y Brenin is Welsh and may be translated «The Sheep Flock of the King». Photo credit: The Ffald y Brenin Trust.

Skårdal admits that the topic may sound somewhat ambitious, but assures us that it isn’t. This time around Godwin will teach how to establish and grow local Houses of Prayer.

—A House of Prayer may be unique to each different location. One only needs two people coming together at a regular basis with the stated purpose of blessing their local community. One should also convene the House of Prayer on a regular basis, Skårdal says.

She attests to the fact that Godwin knows many people who have experienced answers to their prayers when they have followed this simple recipe and established a House of Prayer in their home.

—You should attend this conference yourself, or send other interested parties from your church, the leader of the network Pray for The Church of Norway says.

What: National House of Prayer Conference with Roy Godwin
When: Friday March 29th, 11 a.m. – Sunday March 31st, 3 p.m.
Venue: Oslofjord Convention Center at Brunstad in Sandefjord.
Hosting: Tønsberg Free Church, Nedre Langgate 32, 3216 Tønsberg.

Registration before March 15th, 2019 on Check In or Facebook.
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