A lot better-selfie (in English)

ENGLISH/FIGHTING CANCER When being put under while on the operating table in the surgery room, I had a dream.

In the middle of the blackness sorrounding me, a light suddenly appeared from afar. It seemed to be a door opening.

I was aware of the silhouette of a man coming through the door. He walked slowly up towards me, then said:

’Hi, Victor! Do you remember the accord I made with you on June 21st, 1983? I will never leave you nor forsake you. When time is nigh and you are to leave this realm, I will be standing there, waiting for you on the other side. I will carry you all the way.’

He turned, left and closed the door.

June 21st, 1983 was the day I met and received Jesus.

Now I am back at home. Blood samples tell me that I have no tumours in the body. I am awaiting results from the head biopsy. And the fact that my head will need to regrow.

Thanks to all and everyone to cares, send their best best wishes and pray for me. #ThanskYou #CancerSelfie

Update: The brain tumour is still present so news is that there so fare is no metastasis. What they will plan for my head is to be decided as soon as all results are in within the next couple of week.

The spinal fluid balance also seems to have been restored so that I should not faint so easily again.

First published in Norwegian on Facebook and on Instagram. © 2015 Victor Skimmeland