Profitterende profeter (profiteering prophets)

ENGLISH / TITHING Noen ganger er det ingen vei utenom. Vi må ta det på grunnteksten. Her får du en på engelsk. (English below.)

Beware of the “prophets” who are only in it for the profits!

First paragraph was in Norwegian and said: “Sometimes there’s no way around. We gotta do the original text. So here’s one in English.”

Right, we’re offering an interpretation of the Scripture as provided by the re-re-authored version.

Who’s the pitcher… preacher looking for?

Right, that’s YOU he’s looking for.

No options?

No, no options. You’ll end up slaving for (m)ore unless you put your axe… Sorry, that should read hacks… down and pick up your oars and do the Noah thing.

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So, how do the paddlers… peddlers serve up the Gospel to achieve this?

They alter, of course. They take away God from Gospel and keep the spell.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m not against tithing when done as a choice of your own free will, showing a covenant of good conscience toward God. I’m against enslaving generous people for the benefit of any particular preacher. Jesus preached giving and good deeds to the needy as opposed to a taxing tithe applied to all and only the inhabitants of the ancient indepedent state of Israel. You may read up on the topic in my currently developing series TEN ON TITHING. In Norwegian only, unfortunately. You could attempt to treat yourself with Google Translate, however. Please keep me posted on the translations if you do.

EDIT, Feb 26, 2021:
I found this meme just now. It depicts Joel Osteen, a famous (?) American prosperity preacher. © 2018 Victor Skimmeland. All rights reserved. No part of these texts may be copied or reprinted for commercial gain. However, the stories are meant to be shared and used but do reference the source. For other use please obtain advance permission in writing from the author.