A Boy Was Sent to Earth (My Christmas Carol)

POETRY Ingar Clausen is no stranger to English poetry and, as many a Norwegian, he receives God’s own thoughts in either language.

— I attempted to capture the inspiration that God sent me back in November this year. As with any human vessel, my English, as well as my Norwegian, may be imperfect, but that’s the voice God gave me to express my gratitude. And that’s the voice I’ll use, then, Ingar boldly states.

Ingar Clausen is a frequent contributor to PREACHER.no.

Photo credit: The angel in the rock. Actual photo of a rock just outside of Porsgrunn, Norway, the author’s home town. Photo: Ingar Clausen.

A short biography in Norwegian about Ingar Clausen, as well as his contact details, may be found here.

A Boy Was Sent to Earth

From Heaven high a boy was sent to live his life on Earth.
A young and unknown virgin gave the little boy his birth.
He had to find a place to live and do his life so well,
He decided very soon that he should go to Israel.

And His arrival got well known, and it was lit up by a star
Which pointed out to three wise men who travelled from a-far
They did not know how far it was, their ride to Bethlehem
But all along their way and path the star just guided them.

There in a stable, dark, forlorn – a manger with some hay
The wise men found the little boy, it was the other day
And outside in the darkened field, angel scores would sing;
“Glory to Our Heaven’s God and to The Newborn King.”

The boy grew up and he did well to Father and Mom,
But they alone were all aware; He also was God’s Son.
So when he left to do the works that He was sent to do,
He started catching fishermen, ‘cause they knew catching, too.

The sick, the hungry and the bad, they all got word of ear,
When Jesus said to everyone that Heaven had come near.
Repent and follow me, He said, and I will save your soul.
That’s why I came to Earth that day, that is my only goal.

And when you realize that He is Christmas’ gift to you,
A gift so great from Heaven, it’ll change your own life, too.
When thanking God and shouting loud: “I’ll go with Him today.”
The Son of Heaven came to you; He’ll guide you all the way.

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