Going to war even when on vacation

ENGLISH I have just concluded a short holiday with my daughter, Andrea. Although I am no longer a well funded man—not the way I used to be before my early retirement—I have been able to spend well on Andrea.

We maintain an axiom within the family—live inexpensively day to day, and live like a king when on holiday. I reminded Andrea again and asked her to even tell her mother. Especially if my ex-wife were to imply that I had overspent on vacation to ‘buy’ my daughter’s loyalty and love.

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Andrea and I christened this tour ‘The Hanseatic Run’ as we have basically travelled the Hanseatic areas from Denmark, through Germany (Hamburg, Lübeck, Bremen) and back up through Sweden. I dug into history while Andrea did shopping. She spent a five digit amount in kroner on clothes—money we would have needed to spend anyway quite soon, as school is about to start shortly.

The history part also included a small portion when we saw the relic of an East German watchtower. It had been brought in from the border in some rural area but was still not recycled. It reminded us, however, that even the strongest worldly fortifications will fall when subject to prayer.

Joshua brought down the walls of Jericho through prayer marching and praise. Christian prayers in the East and the West brought down the iron curtain. I went east shortly after the collapse of the communist Warsaw Pact and saw specifically Estonia and East Germany. Now, I was back in Germany with my daughter, born almost a decade after the Wall came down. And this week I’m once again sharing with Christians from the Baltic.

Anyway, back to family matters. My daughter is a believer but had grown more distant to me over the course of my battle with both cancer and now, my ex-wife. However, we found time to share again. We spoke, compared experiences and prayed together. The value of sharing and bonding is beyond measure and, undoubtedly, profoundly important. Getting to know my daughter again will help me let go of my ex-wife and, more importantly, any remaining bitterness. Or, so I hope.

I’m suffering from insomnia after cancer but it doesn’t really matter. I can write. I can read. I can pray.

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Thanks to all my English speaking friends and fellow believers. Several have checked in with me, both individually and in the prayer group of this network. I’m still on vacation—this week visiting a bible camp with the Foursquare Nordic and Baltic families in a secluded location up in the Norwegian mountains.

Next week I will do battle, speaking about my experience with the healing power of Jesus Christ at the St. Olav Celebration—arguably the largest summer conference within the nominal Church of Norway. I will go where Jesus sends me, even if that’s into the church bearing his name. I will not let Pharisees and theologians tell me what I ought to do to win the approval of the few. I will go to sow, so that others may harvest.

Please stay with me in prayer. I need your artillery. I need your cover. And, coming the second week of August I’ll be back from the holidays and will once again be fully immersed in ministry and intercession.

Stay blessed, and thanks, y’all.

In Christ, always,
from your brother,


EAST GERMANY. Myself and my daughter Andrea in front of a now defunct East German communist border watchtower. Personal photo.

ENGLISH Copyright © 2019 Victor Skimmeland er preacher.no. Initially published on the International Network of Kingdom Creators group on Facebook, July 23rd, 2019.