More substance, please

ENGLISH/PRAISE Listen to Tori Kelly and Jon Batiste rendering this soft version of “Amazing Grace”.

Granted, the two are not exactly Hillsong material but don’t you ever happen to harbour just a tiny little wish that worldly musicians could teach us a bit more on how to perform the old, battle proven hymns? Those that were born and nurtured to life by truly Spirit filled people, worn as armour in the spiritual prayer battles of the past. Hymns not only churned out to popular demand and forgotten shortly thereafter.

Click on picture below to see live performance of “Amazing Grace” by Jon Batiste and Tori Kelly:

These days we seem to too often copy each other with ever more Coldplay ripoffs, easily consumed in our modern sofa & latte churches, but never fully satisfied.

Even recently I’ve been to services where the praise segment — yup, called that! — failed to show us the word ‘Jesus’ even once on the big screens before infotainment led us to the pastor’s segment. I got feelgood in abundance, but it was never quite satisfying.

I want more substance in church. Not only outstanding style.

In my honest opinion, and I’ll proudly say with Paul that I, too, have the Spirit:

There’s really not enough substance abuse in church! Let Jesus Christ out. Let Jesus on the loose.

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Sett inn beskrivende tekst. Foto: VG NTB Scanpix.
GRACE. Jon Batiste and Tori Kelly performing Amazing Grace. Screen capture from YouTube, used with permission under Google standard regulations.

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