Theology divides

ENGLISH/THE ROAD AHEAD The Naked (not nude) Pastor lost faith and left ministry some years ago, mainly because theology filled the place in his heart where Jesus should have resided. I do, of course, not recommend his choice of leaving both ministry and Christ, but he’s right in this respect:

Theology can indeed divide!


If you will forgive me for using a minister that at least is open and honest about his downfall—too many ministers have fallen from faith in Christ but continue in ministry nevertheless, as it’s the only way they know how to sustain themselves—this former pastor is right about theology when theology becomes the teaching of the allegedly ‘Good’, not about God.

Just look at the story of the tower of Babel as a metaphor for how language can separate and even divide us. This can translate to theology, as well. Different theology—different languages, which will require translation.

The great revival of China didn’t start until the Communist Party suppressed churches of all denominations after 1949, resulting in the uprising of a new house church movement devoid of any denominational divide. The movement today arguably counts more than ten percent of the entire Chinese population — and it stays underground.

Good theology — God (!) theology —articulates the reconciliation of all things created and expresses ways to make Jesus Christ manifest in Creation.

Let this be a reminder to us, too, on this network of coworkers working and praying together.

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