Divine healing, no filters

MIRACLES / ENGLISH Dr. Kevin McNulty of Florida, USA, has visited Norway a number of times in the past. I had the privilege of interpreting for him and his wife frequently at conferences back in the 00’s. Listen to his latest teaching on divine healing.

McNulty‘s form may be more than a bit refreshing for any average Norwegian but his message is biblically sound. Even if it may be somewhat challenging to our cultural sensibilities.


Is a mental change a prerequisite in order to receiving Divine healing?

YES, indeed, is McNulty’s unambiguous opinion.

Can YOU manage to mentally transform?

Listen to his teaching in ‘If I Were Sick, I Would…’ on YouTube (see frame below) and you may be able to find out.

Please note; This sermon is most likely not one you would like to listen to if you are religiously inclined or play with somewhat religious hobbies. Rather, your objections may quickly come in the way of the message. Stay away.

DRS. KEVIN AND LESLIE McNULTY previously worked with T.L. Osborn, another American controversial to secular Norwegians. Unlike several TV evangelists, however, Osborn led missions and foreign aid outreaches. His ministry was never connected with any scandal. One might say that he was the American Aril Edvardsen. Or rather, was Aril Edvardsen the Norwegian T.L. Osborn?

Nowadays, the McNulty’s lead their ministries into the former Soviet empire, where they prefer to work with local missions.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE, I am starting to wonder if I was able to receive full Divine healing from stage IV terminal malignant and metastatic melanoma because I was subject to Dr. McNulty’s teachings for several years. Read my story in this newspaper piece from 2017, His cancer vanished after pilgrimage to Jerusalem.’

Also, I just found five old DVD’s with recordings from conferences where I have interpreted the McNulty’s here in Norway. I’ll make sure to have some clips put out there for you at another time.

If you were to search for Kevin McNulty on Google, you would probably get this Canadian actor. It is not him. You will meet the right McNulty’s here.

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