A draught in May

Kingdom Creators er et internasjonalt bønnenettverk som jeg er en del av. Onsdag møttes fire av oss via videtjenesten Zoom. Foto: Privat.

ENGLISH/THE ROAD AHEAD A full drizzle for weeks now. Doctors scared of new cancer. Personal challenges. In a few words, that’s the sum of my worries. Then, I found the solution! The last few weeks have proven difficult to handle. Some personal challenges may be shared, in part, later, while I will still keep what’s … Les merA draught in May

His cancer vanished after pilgrimage to Jerusalem

PROMISE When hospital doctors told Victor Skimmeland that they had run out of options, he decided to hold on to a promise given by the Israeli King Solomon. Dagen.no | By Kenneth Fjell Rasmussen, correspondent in Israel September 15th, 2017 | LEER EN ESPAÑOL | READ IN ENGLISH | LES PÅ NORSK Coming spring of … Les merHis cancer vanished after pilgrimage to Jerusalem