React? Or — Act!

ENGLISH/PROPHECIES When we look back on our lives, we will discover that we are more a product of our responses to the situations, criticisms, failures, and successes of our past — than to any other single factor.

We respond to expectations from church, from relatives, family, and friends, even from those at school or in the workplace.

(Don’t tell me you’re unemployed! So am I, but we both have work to do. We just need to trust God for our income, like Paul did every morning in the marketplace.)

Oh, it’s so easy to conform! But we’re not called to conform, we’re called to confirm! Our confirmation is Jesus Christ to the world!

How we respond to the calling will determine our destinies.

Listen to my words, brothers and sisters. This is no joke.

I’m already old enough to know. After thirty six years of heeding to — not hiding from — God’s calling in my life, and after some really big failures to show for, too, God still chose to show me mercy. He healed me for another round in the ring instead of harvesting me preemptively to an eternity with the King. When even my wife opined that it just had to be enough, God even restored my ministry. I am coming about, and it’s gonna be loud!

I am praying. I am preaching. I am practicing.

I am the PREACHER.

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Sett inn beskrivende tekst. Foto: VG NTB Scanpix.
HOSPITAL. Victor Skimmeland returned to hospital in August 2019 for a much needed, much delayed surgery. It was not related to his former stage IV terminal cancer. Photo: Victor Skimmeland.

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3 kommentarer om “React? Or — Act!”

  1. “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”
    —2Cor 12:10 NIV


    This is my challenge – to finish the race. I know I’ll never be first or beat my personal best (whatever that that was), but I want to be a finisher.

    Just heard today of two Christian worship leaders who’ve quit. What a shame!

    May the Plodders like me keep on walking.

    Please help me, Lord, cos this Christian race is so so challenging. Whoever said Christianity is for wimps was talking out of his (muffled word).

    Also – read «Before you quit ministry»

  3. Let’s apply more experience based theology. Here’s one that found me during prayer and study after I woke up, fresh and rested, this Sunday morning:

    What are the possibilities in your life and ministry? God has really set no limits you! You make your limits by saying no. By making excuses. By looking at the circumstances.

    Some people spend half their life trying to find the will of God, while others wonder if they accomplished it.

    Now, God’s will is easy to find. He gave us two ways of finding it. First, you have the Bible. Every day. Second, you gave The Holy Spirit. If you listen, he will speak. Jesus said so, that He would send his Spirit.

    Don’t overthink it. Jesus already made you a success. He won the battle for you.

    Now, go out and show the world!

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