The other day I was discussing and praying for a specific goal with Crystal Hicks and Michael Thomas. Later on Michael guided me through a session of legislation in the spiritual realms. But one thing in particular that I remember was Crystal prophesying; ‘YOU make the choice, Victor, says the Lord.’ She was, of course, … Les merConcentrate

Obey the Spirit

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ENGLISH/PROPHECIES One of the major tasks being carried out on a regular basis in the several prayer groups set up by Michael Thomas under this International Network of Kingdom Creators, is the tuning in to the voice of The Holy Spirit. We ask the Spirit to guide us, to speak truth into our lives, and … Les merObey the Spirit

Michael Thomas interviewing Victor Skimmeland

MEDIA Victor Skimmeland, a Christian Businessman talks about being healed from stage IV cancer & more! See my interview with our Norwegian prayer contact – Victor Skimmeland. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Victor! Victor Skimmeland is a Norwegian businessman and father who started serving Christ full time in Europe and South … Les merMichael Thomas interviewing Victor Skimmeland